Spring Planting Delayed by Cold Temperatures

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.-It seems as if cold weather, not drought, is becoming the major concern for farmers this planting season.

According to experts, the unseasonalbly cold weather is leaving much of the area unprepared to start working.

Agriculture centers are already expecting the cold weather to push back spring production this year because of planting delays.

However, one expert we spoke to said he knows exactly what will speed the process up.

"We need 80 degrees and sunshine," said Richard Buntin, Extension Director of UT Extension-Crockett County. "If we can get several days of warm weather and sunshine so we can get some of this ground dried out and for the wind to lay down we can get our herbacide applications out and we can get these planters started."

If farmers do not get to plant what they would normally plant this time of year, they will have to possibly switch crops.


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