Star Wars Collectibles Stolen During String of Burglaries

Emily Cassulo

MILAN, Tenn. - Milan police are offering up to $500 for help finding some bold thieves targeting homes in particular neighborhoods, and have gotten away with some pretty unique things.

Police told 7 Eyewitness News one of the burglary victims is an avid Star Wars collector whose memorabilia was taken, along with more popular electronics and musical equipment.

Devin Taylor has been collecting Star Wars figurines for most of his life.

"To most normal men my age, these would be toys, but all boys have their toys. Most of them are cars or four-wheelers or what not. Mine happens to be Star Wars toys," Taylor said.

He said he is devastated that some bold thieves not only broke into, but ransacked his home, and stole about 300 collectibles. He owned 3,000 in all.

"They're priceless to me," Taylor said. "They are valuable. Not as valuable on the market as most people would think, but to replace them to me, they would definitely be priceless."

The thieves also cut Taylor's fence, police said big enough to get the stolen trailer and lawn mower through, carrying several musical instruments and other things - about $12,000 worth.

Police said the burglars haven't just hit Taylor's house. They believe the same suspects have targeted other homes in the College and Cedar Street area.

"We don't have a lot of burglaries in Milan, and when they do start and they're in the same area, historically we've found that it's the same person or group of people," said Commander Bobby Sellers, Milan Police Department.

Police said they have no suspects, but Taylor said he is doing his own investigating, checking websites like eBay and craigslist, and even local pawn shops.

"I found a few items that were promising, but they turned out to be the wrong serial numbers, and so they weren't mine."

Taylor said he plans to start his own neighborhood watch program to keep even more of his neighbors from going through the same thing.

Anyone with information about the burglaries in the College or Cedar Street area is asked to contact the Milan Police Department at (731) 686-3309.


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