State Could Take Over Whiteville Elementary

Erica Williams

WHITEVILLE, Tenn- Whiteville Elementary School, in Hardeman County, is listed on the Department of Education's High Priority list. Now, the school's faculty and staff is making changes to improve.

The list targets schools that are in the bottom five percent of achievement in the state in their combine math, English, science, and social studies scores.

Whiteville Elementary School Principal,Mami Polk said she and her staff have a plan.

"We've met to see what the data looks like, where students should be, and where we want to be. We have an action plan for that," said Polk.

The plan includes a focused effort on reading programs, after-school tutoring, and longer work days for the faculty and staff to meet and discuss progress and changes.

Officials at the Hardeman County Board of Education said they are already seeing improvement at Whiteville Elementary.


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