Workers at the Benton County Library said it was a sad day. After months of debating with the county commissioners over loosing their state funding, Wednesday, it became reality. Regional experts said it was a first in the state of Tennessee for something like this to happen to a library. Angie Stump used to come to the library several times a week, but she said what happened to her on Wednesday, was a first. "Well, I came here to get a book I've gotten before and I can't check it out now because they're all being taken off the shelf." Stump said there was no other place around here to check out great books, "and now I can't get the one I needed to read." Library officials said it was all because the Benton County Commission did not approve a waiver offer from the state. The waiver required the county to give the state $10,000 for the use of state material. "That violated our agreement and it also violates state law. We don't want to remove the materials, we have to," said Reelfoot Regional Library Director, Susan Blakely. Blakely added that the Reelfoot Regional Library in Martin would continue to remove the books and resources from the Benton County library for the next couple of weeks. "We're looking at books go out the door, people are coming to the desk to check out books and we're having to say 'we're sorry that belongs to the state, you can't have that one,'" said Benton County Library Director, Rhonda Tippitt. Library workers said when the state was finished, 6,500, about 20 to 25 percent of the library's books would be off the shelves. "It's a first in the state of Tennessee for this to happen and we're really sad about it", said Blakely. Stump added that she would have to go online for her information, instead of in a book, because some of them may not be there when she got back. Patrons of the library started a "Save Our Library" campaign to raise the $10,000 the library would need to get their books back from the state. To help, drop off or mail your donation to: Save Our Library c/o Bank of Camden P.O. Box 549 Camden, TN 38320