Steps to Take if You Are Hit by a Storm

Heather Mathis

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - Once a tornado hits, like happened in Moore, Oklahoma, it can take seconds to completely destroy neighborhoods. Emergency management said storm victims should keep safety as their top priority.

"If their house is dangerous, they need to get out," said Marty Clements, director of Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency. "If they can stay somewhere in the neighborhood where we can find them, that's great."

But, in the case that your home has minor damage, let emergency workers take care of the most damaged areas first.

"We don't want them to overload 911 if it is not a true emergency," said Clements.

Officers also said to stay off of the roads so that they are clear for first responders.

"Please don't get in the first responder's way," said Clements. "If we need to get EMS in there, you don't want someone blocking the road taking pictures."

Storm victims are told that, once they are in a safe place, begin documenting the damage. People should take as many pictures as possible of everything that is damaged.

"Once you are safe you want to make sure you notify your insurance," said Clements. "Try to keep that paperwork on you."


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