Greenfield Store Owner: Business Slow Since Collapse

Emily Cassulo

GREENFIELD, Tenn. - Some business owners in Greenfield said they are still feeling the impact of the building collapse that killed one man exactly one year ago this week.

They said it has left an eye sore, and they want something done about it, before it hurts business even more.

"It's been our worst year ever," said Raymond Sellers, who co-owns Carolyn's Dollar Plus.

This time last year, the pizzeria next door to the Sellers' business collapsed, killing a construction worker.

For several months, people were afraid to stop at the Sellers' gift shop and tanning salon.

Many of their loyal customers did not know the entire building passed an inspection after that collapse.

"They were afraid to come in and lie down in a tanning bed because the building might collapse on them," Sellers said. "That was their fear."

To counter those fears, business owners formed the Greenfield Advancement Association to get customers back downtown.

They are asking for $15,000 in state grant money. Until they know if they will receive it, they would like to see the "eye sore" repaired.

"I get very few people from Greenfield to come into this shop," Sellers said. "They go to other places, and there's not many places in Greenfield for anybody to shop, so there's not much reason for anybody to come here."

Sellers said he and other business owners painted the front of their building last summer, but it can only do so much.

The Sellers said if business does not pick up soon, downtown will be just a bunch of empty buildings.

Then, Sellers said he would be forced to retire.

"This gives me something to do every day," he said.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News contacted the owner of the damaged insurance building. He would not comment.


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