Storm Damage in Dyer County

Natalie Potts

DYER COUNTY, Tenn- Work crews spent Friday afternoon cleaning up a significant amount of damage left behind by strong storms.

Officials said, strong winds came through the city of Newbern, Friday morning and ripped up seven utility poles, trees and fences along Highway 211 and West Main Street.

"High winds, probably straight-line came through one area right there, said Capt. Jim Richards of the Newbern Police Dept.

Students in Dyer County High School, located on Highway 211, went without power and air conditioning for several hours

."It was horrible," said Jessica Williams, a student at the school. "We got there this morning, the bus was late and we had to sit in class."

After clean-up crews cut-off the live power to the utility lines, students said they were happy to leave early on what was supposed to be their second full day of school.

"They were happy but they were freaking out because it was so hot in there and it was just like chaos," said student Kristen McLean.

The tangled lines and broken utility poles were scattered across the highway. Newbern Police said the damaged poles could have been dangerous.

"That's the worst part of it, if they are live until the electric department can cut the current," said Capt. Richards.

Severe damage was also discovered on neighboring properties. Agnus Ann Moore said she is upset to have a large tree uprooted in her front yard, but thankful no one was hurt in the storm

"It's a big hassle. That (the tree) is a little more than I need to be picking up and even with a chainsaw and cutting it in pieces. It's gonna take some strength to get it moved out of here," said Moore.

School officials said students who did not have a ride home, were bussed to the Dyer County Middle School campus for lunch. Investigators said, power was restored to the area around 1 p.m.


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