Storm Damages Chester Co. School

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Teachers at East Chester Elementary School were busy cleaning up after a thunderstorm moved through the area with high winds that ripped the awning off the back of the building along with part of the roof.

Principal Kim Scott said, "We have four classrooms that have quite a bit of water damage. The back is gone where we load kids onto the bus blown from the back to the front of the building."

Amy Tims' first grade classroom had plenty of water damage.

Across the hall inside Sherri Henson's second grade classroom the ceiling tile appears ready to burst..

Early damage estimates for the school are at least $50,000..

Chester County EMA Director Johnny Farris said, "We have not had this type of situation here as far as I can remember. The School was built back in the 1960s."

Scott said, "The tree out front that the kids all play under for recess has been split so we were surprised and shocked."

Even the tree loving Lorax that the second graders were learning about could not protect the tree from this storm..

East Chester Elementary School was the only school closed in the area.

"Evidently there was some straight line winds that just came right at the right place through the area," Farris said.

"Total shock, we did not expect this at all," Scott said.


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