Storm Repairs Ongoing in Henderson & Chester Counties

Empriss Campbell

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. - John Almond started wood working as a hobby but it quickly became more of a profession.

"I spend more time out there than I do in the house," said Almond.

Almond was surprised to see the damage to his shop after the storms ripped through. Almond said he is thankful for helpful neighbors.

"Some of them came over and helped me put the trees the dog yard peacock cage and get them where I could put dogs back in them and the birds back up," said Almond.

Almond's work shop received the brunt of the damage.

"Last Sunday morning it was loose already and the wind got to it and flipped it up. We tried to put a tarp on it but there was so much wind from the door to the shop it just kept blowing the tarp up," said Almond.

Almond said he hopes to get the shop back in order before the end of the week.


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