Overturned plane in Humboldt


Strong Wind, Storm Flips Plane and 18 Wheeler in Humboldt

Heather Mathis

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. - Strong winds are thought to be responsible for a plane flipping over at the Humboldt Municipal Airport. An 18-wheeler also overturned in Humboldt.

Fire Chief Chester Owens told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News it was a hectic day of clean up after the quick and strong storm.

"We had a busy day," said Owens. "We did know the forecast, which was just maybe a 30 percent chance for some rain. Nothing like this was expected!"

Officials said that no one was injured in the incident at the airport, but the pilot was thrown out of the plane. Officers said the driver of the tractor trailer suffered injuries, and was taken to Humboldt General Hospital.

The storm also downed trees and power lines down the road from the airport. Homeowner, John Mewburn said he is lucky the tree that fell on his house did not go through the roof.

"Well, it was lightning and thundering, and the wind blowing real bad," said Mewburn. "When we heard the thud, I thought it was thunder that shook the house."

First responders say straight line winds might be to blame for all the storm damage.


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