Seven Students Jailed After Fight at Jackson Central-Merry

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- Jackson Police arrested seven teenagers at Jackson Central-Merry High School, after early morning fights broke out before school started, Wednesday.

Officers said it all started in a classroom, where two males got into a fight. According to investigators, one of the students punched a teacher trying to break up the fight.

"It's a shame! You send your kids to school to learn, and this don't make sense. They just don't know how to act," said mother of two students, Monica Helms.

During this fight, officers said five females began throwing punches down the same hallway. One of the students was Syntierra Johnson, 18.

"I mean it's a fight. Everybody fights. it's not a big deal," said junior Alexis Gryer.

Jackson Police arrested all seven students. Officers said the student who punched his teacher also kicked the window out of an officer's car. He has been charged with vandalism and aggravated assault. All seven students, including Johnson, are charged with disrupting school assembly.


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