Students Mourn Classmate Killed in Crash

Cyndi Lundeberg

HENDERSON, Tenn. -Brodie Weeks, 17, is described by classmates as kind, outgoing and loyal. His sudden death has left faculty, students and staff struggling for answers.

Rebecca Reddinger said she and Brodie grew up together, and just thinking of him still brings a smile to her face.

"He had the cutest smile and these little dimples that would show," Reddinger said. "He was just the sweetest most amazing guy you'd ever know."

Friends said last Friday night Brodie had fallen asleep at a friends house, but later awoke and decided to head home. It was on that drive that the Tennessee Highway Patrol said Michael Magelitz, 42, crossed the median and crashed head on into Brodie, killing both of them instantly. Authorities said blood alcohol levels cannot be determined until after an autopsy, but the THP said Magelitz was wearing a wristband from a local bar.

"I mean it just seems impossible for someone like him to go through something like that," said Shanna Copeland, Brodie's ex-girlfriend.

To help the hundreds of grieving students, Chester County High School brought in six additional grief and trauma counselors to help students. Darlene Goff, the high school's main counselor said she knew Monday she would need reinforcements.

"When they started to congregate and cry, especially our seniors, we just started grabbing them up," she said.

Students faculty and staff decorated Brodie's school locker and parking space. Writing messages of hope, happy memories, and expressing how dearly he will be missed. Students said while life without one of their own may never be the same, they know Brodie would not want to see any one of them hurting.

Shanna Copeland said if she could say one thing to Brodie, it would simply be, " Well now you know what it's like to fly."

A candlelight vigil was held Monday evening for Weeks. Chester County High School officials said extra counselors will remain on campus for as long as necessary.


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