Students Rally Against Bullies

Laura Bannon

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Chester County students took the pledge to stand again bullying as part of National Bully Prevention Week, Tuesday.

"You have to learn that there's going to be people in life that don't understand and want to be cool or sympathetic as I like to say," said Jose Urzua, a student who admits that he has run into problems with bullying.

An expert on the subject visited the school to talk to the students on a variety of subjects such as bullying, crime prevention, teen violence and substance abuse.

"It's not often discussed I feel like somebody on the outside can get their point across better than I can then seeing them on a daily basis," said School Recourse Officer, Celinda Davidson.

From the students' experiences they say they can stand together bullyproof.

"I kind of just shrug if off and I'm like 'Okay ya that's funny I haven't heard that one before' I like to say and move on with my life," said Urzua.

"People may treat you like you're worth nothing but you were made for a reason. You're worth something and even if you start out no where you can end up somewhere if you try hard a believe," explained junior Holly Gilbert.

The assembly was funded by the Chester County Sheriff's Department. The schools believe bullying is not a problem.

They want to stress that if you feel that you are a victim of bullying that you should reach out and speak to someone you trust about the problems


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