Sun Heating Up Playground Equipment

Empriss Campbell

Jackson, Tenn. - Playground equipment, like swings and slides, can get hotter than you may expect.

According to an infrared thermometer we used Friday, the surface of the playground slide exposed to the sun is 105 degrees.

A slide in the shade was more than 10 degrees cooler.

Parents were shocked to find out the difference a little shade can make.

"I'm surprised there's that much difference its still in the sun but its just a little bit of shade on parts of the equipment," said Joyce Mason.

One mom told me she doesn't want her kids getting hurt by the play equipment.

"The seats on the swings were a little hot for them at first and once they got use to it it was okay," said Sally Goulooze.

"A child can be burned, or an adult for that matter, if any exposed skin comes in contact with an item that's been out in the sun for an extended amount of time," said Dr. Blankenship of Tri-County Family Medicine.

Doctors say kids could receive first to second degree burns while playing on the playground.

"I know the equipment can be very hot sometimes, and I always tell them to be careful and, if they start to feel like there going to get burned, just let me know or just quit for the day," said Mason.

Doctors remind parents to check the equipment before they let their kids play on it to make sure the temperature is safe.


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