Super Bowl Snacks Can Put On Pounds

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - It might take some quality time on the treadmill to burn off the endless calories consumed during this weekend's Super Bowl game.

"Just say you take an extra thousand calories that day which is a low estimation of what people do because its easy to get carried away that day," said Steve Roten, general manager Gold's Gym.

Roten said he would not be surprised to see an influx of people at the gym on Monday.

"I would think the Monday after the super bowl Sunday is probably the number one guilt day of the year," said Roten.

Game watchers can easily eat a days worth of calories during one Super Bowl game, to burn those calories off trainers suggest that weight training for men and some high intensity cardio for women.

"If you really want a lot of bang do some cardio the next day something high intensity you took that in fast lets get rid of it fast," said Roten.

Roten said there are a lot of ways for game watchers to have a healthy meal on game day if they want. He said chicken wings are not the deterrent is more chips, dips and carbs.


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