Suspect Steals Coins From Jackson Business

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn. - Thieves broke into the Wash-N-Wings in East Jackson twice in the past three months. The second time employees say the suspects stole coins and nothing else.

“He didn’t touch one thing except the change, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, out of the cash register,” said Manager Rebekah Raney.

Raney says the suspect broke in late Saturday night or Sunday morning and got away with $30 to $40 in coins. “He actually got a rock from the back of the building and threw it through the back door, shattered the back door,” she said.

Raney says the guy was inside for less than a minute. “He had on dark jeans, dark shoes, and a dark navy blue hoodie,” she said. “It was actually like a coat, like a big puffy coat, with a hood on it.”

Raney says they had another burglary in January. “They actually broke the window out with another rock and did the same thing,” she said.

The laundromat and wing restaurant plans to install 16 additional security cameras. “If they try it again, we’ll get a better shot,” said Raney.

Raney said the latest crook cost Wash-N-Wings hundreds of dollars in damage.


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