David R. Miles, Jr.


Suspected Burglar Shot in the Groin by Homeowner

Natalie Potts

DYER COUNTY, Tenn. -- Dyersburg police said they are investigating the shooting of a suspected burglar at the Perry Vincent Apartments off of Lake Road, Tuesday.

Officers charged David R. Miles Jr, 30, of Dyersburg, with aggravated burglary after he was found by officers with a single gunshot wound to his groin on Hull Street. Police said Miles was shot by a resident of the apartment complex while he was allegedly breaking in through their window.

"I think it's bad that something like that could happen you know people breaking into people's houses and getting shot," neighbor Diane Thomas said. "People got to protect themselves, it's just a bad situation."

Neighbors said Miles, who was a familiar face in the neighborhood, never caused any trouble in the past. Officers said their investigation revealed that Miles had pending domestic assault charges on his record. Investigators said he had a previous relationship with one of the occupants that was living in the apartment complex. At this time, a motive for the alleged burglary is unknown.

"He was nice, quiet, didn't bother nobody," neighbor Robert Holloway said. "I was surprised when I heard that. But if you're breaking a window, that's what you get."

Police said Miles was taken to The Med in Memphis and treated for his gunshot wound then transported back into custody.

"He's blessed that he did get away with just that, a shot in the groin you know because it could have been worse," Thomas said.

Residents told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they are now on high alert, expecting the unexpected.

"Don't break into houses, you could get shot like that," said resident Sheldon Moore.

"There is so much is going on in this community, in all communities...so before they think about burglary they need to think about what they might run into," said Thomas.

Investigators consulted with the District Attorney's Office and have determined that no charges will be placed against the victim.

Police said Miles is facing an aggravated Burglary charge with additional charges pending. He will be formally arraigned in Dyersburg City Court, Friday.


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