Kendall Bell


Suspended Coach Has Clean Record, Investigation Continues

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MEDINA, Tenn. - There is new information surfacing about the suspension of a South Gibson County High School teacher and coach.

A search of Kendall Bell's personnel file with the Gibson County Special School District uncovered a letter from Superintendent Eddie Pruett, dated Wednesday, April 3. It said in part, "You are being suspended pending further investigation because of suspected unprofessional conduct."

Pruett declined to elaborate further on what that conduct is.

Records showed Bell had never been disciplined before. His file showed he was hired by the district in August 2011. He serves as an inclusion specialist and head coach of the boys' soccer team.

Bell is suspended without pay. However, after the investigation, if he is cleared of any wrongdoing, the money he would have made during his suspension will be reinstated.


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