THP Works Dozens of Crashes

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Ice and snow caused problems for drivers in West Tennessee on Monday. The Tennessee Highway Patrol confirmed troopers responded to dozens of accidents.

“Old man winter hit us hard this time,” said Clifford Nathaniel, a driver.

Nathaniel navigated his way through slippery streets in Jackson. “It's slick,” he said. “Don't try to go too fast. It's gonna fishtail.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol shut down a ramp along Interstate 40. Troopers confirmed they worked dozens of crashes. “Unfortunately people try to get out and travel in it and things happen,” said Lt. Brad Wilbanks.

Ice brought down trees and power lines. Crews closed a portion of Plantation Road in North Jackson. “We've dodged a lot of them this winter and this one sort of, sort of nailed us,” Jackson Street Department Deputy Superintendent Buddy Crick said.

The Jackson Street Department will salt city streets through the night, Monday into early Tuesday. “We'll just keep rolling over our shifts and every 12 hours and we'll just go as long as we need to,” said Crick.

Troopers expect roads to get worse. Crick said Tuesday morning could be rough. “When it thaws a little bit and it refreezes it's like a skating rink,” Crick said.

Some people who chose to get out, said it’s pretty bad. “I know my truck can handle it,” Nathaniel said.

The THP encourages people to pay attention, slow down, and wear a seat belt.


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