THP and Homeland Security Unveil Additional Highway Safety Effort

7 Eyewitness News Staff

The Tennessee Highway Patrol believes it has found a way to put extra eyes on the highways, all in an effort to stop illegal activity on Tennessee roads.

Beginning Wednesday, the THP and several other agencies have begun "Operation Safe Highways", a state-wide enforcement and awareness exercise. It urges truck drivers to be more vigilant in reporting things such as suspected drug or sex trafficking.

Officers were at weigh stations throughout the state, Wednesday inspecting commercial vehicles and talking with drivers about how they can help make Tennessee a safer place.

"We hope that, as a result of this, the message will get out that Tennessee is not the place for illegal activity to be occurring on our interstates, whether that be human trafficking, drug trafficking or whatever," said Commissioner Bill Gibbons, with the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Officials said if you suspect individuals of illegal activity to attempt to get the license plate number and description of the vehicle, get a description of the vehicle. get a description of the individuals and to notify law enforcement immediately.


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