Tax-Free Weekend in TN Underway

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. - If you plan on heading to area stores for Tennessee's tax free weekend, which starts today, you'll need to keep in mind which items are and are not available tax free.

Many shoppers have their eye on high tech items. However, according to the Department of Revenue, only computers under $1,500 are tax exempt.

Laptops and tablets both are eligible items for tax-free purchase but E-Readers like the Nook or Kindle are not.

Also, all school supplies and clothing under $100 per item are exempt from taxes this Friday through Sunday.

"The requirement is that it is a computing device and one of the advantages of having a tablet is that you have all of the advantages of the E-reader in the tablet so it's kind of a two for one," said Best Buy Sales Manager Heath Goff.

To find out all of the guidelines for the tax free weekend, check out the State's website:


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