Tax Hike in Carroll County's Future

Caitlyn Jones

Carroll County residents are probably looking at higher property taxes and they are not happy about why.

Mayor Kenny McBride said property taxes will probably go up $.40 from the already $1.25 rate for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The extra money will be used to build and maintain a new $8.1 million jail. Mayor McBride said the state mandate required the county build the jail since the current one does not meet standards.

The tax hike would mean if someone had property value worth $100,000, they would have to pay an extra $100 a year in taxes.

The mayor said one of the jail's worst problems is the overcrowded female population causing women inmates to be placed in male quarters.

"They actually are supposed to be totally segregated by sight and sound and any type of contact and where we are now, they're walking by and things of that nature," said Mayor McBride.

County Technical Assistance Services or C-TAS is currently forming the budget document for the county. Once finished, the commission will vote.

Mayor McBride says that will probably happen around August and he expects it to pass.


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