Teacher Fired by JMCSS May Be Repeat Offender

Cyndi Lundeberg

BOLIVAR, Tenn. - New information has emerged about local teaching assistant Alvin Wilson. Wilson was fired from Isaac Lane Elementary School last week.

He is accused of hitting Jacob Reid, 8, who is autistic.

Now, a Bolivar family has come forward saying something similar happened to their son back in 2010.

Crystal Carraway, is the cousin of 13-year-old special needs student Devon. She says she drove him to school everyday. Three years ago Devon had Wilson as a teacher too.

"Everyday now I have to deal with it," Carraway said. "I know I was taking him into a bad situation and [at the time] I didn't know that "

The family says the were sick to their stomach when they heard what happened between Devon and Wilson.

"If one person would have taken a stand with us, this would have never happened with the Reid's child," Carraway said.

Devon's family said he began coming home with bruises in September of 2010. They say at one time he had more than 20 cuts all over his body.

While grabbing her own arm Carraway demonstrated the injuries she saw. "It was like fingers. One back here and four up there," Carraway explained. "The doctor said it was definitely a hand print bruise."

Devon's sister says she also remembers how he would explain his injuries.

"My brother told me Mr. Al pinched him on his face and his arms," Michaela Ford said. "And the cuts on his fingers [Devon] said he hit him with a stick."

Bolivar police, child services and the Hardeman County School District were all called. Papers from Devon's doctor said he was physically, emotionally and sexually abused. His doctor says Devon would suffer severe panic attacks at the mention of Wilson's name.

"[Devon] did tell me Mr. Al took his pants off," Ford said.

Bolivar Police say the 2010 investigation into Wilson remains open and Investigator Shane Swift is now in charge of the investigation.

Devon's family says Wilson should have never been allowed back in a classroom.

"I feel like maybe there was something else we should or could have done," Carraway said. "But we rang every bell we could in Hardeman County and no one listened."

Jackson Madison County School District spokesperson Ginger Carver said in a statement: "We cannot confirm or deny knowing about the 2010 allegations involving Alvin Wilson. If we would have he would not have been hired."

Jackson police say they are also still investigating the case involving Jacob Reid.


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