Caleb Lawrence Mullins


Teen Accused of Murder Fighting Extradition

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Jackson Police said the teen they have charged with murdering his aunt, is now fighting extradition.

Caleb Mullins, 19 went before a Louisville judge, Tuesday. There, he told authorities, he would not willingly sign a waiver that would allow him to return to Tennessee to face murder charges.

Mullins is accused of fatally stabbing his aunt Karen Mullins, 43 then running off to Kentucky in her car. Investigators said Caleb moved here from Louisville to live with his aunt and go to school.

"She took him in cared for him provided for him and this is what happened," said Lt. Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department.

Lt. Miller said their investigation pointed to only one man after their interview with Mullins in Kentucky.

"As a result of that interview we were able to determine that he was in fact the one who killed his aunt," said Lt. Miller.

Now that Mullins is refusing extradition, Louisville officials will have to review all of Mullins' warrants and charges to determine if they are legitimate. Local attorneys said the extradition code is a process that protects civilian rights.

"They can fight the actual arrest itself by saying maybe they weren't in the state when the crime was committed or that they had no means to commit the crime," said Attorney Will Hughes. "That wouldn't be fair for that state to just go grab you and take you back you know that's why the checks and balances are put in place."

Investigators said it was their interview with Mullins that led them to the murder weapon found inside of a dumpster at Camellia Trace Apartments. Despite the evidence, officials said the warrants must still be formally verified. If Tennessee's case against Mullins case is proven valid, officials said he would be brought back to Tennessee immediately. Mullins' bond is set at $1million. His next day in Louisville court for the extradition review is December 12.


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