Hannah Lauren Steiner


UPDATE: Teen Accused of Statutory Rape at a Local Church

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- Jackson police said a woman surrendered on Wednesday, after an investigation revealed that she had sex with a minor in a West Jackson church.

Hannah Steiner, 18, is charged with the rape and statutory rape of a 13-year old boy, after police said she forced him to have sex with her before a Sunday church service at Skyline Church of Christ.

According to Lt. Tyreece Miller of the Jackson Police Department, Steiner and the boy were in a room at the church when the began inappropriately touching each other.

"The two of them both consented," said Miller. "Once it got to a certain point, he wanted to stop but she wanted to proceed and forced him."

Miller said both Steiner and the boy confirmed the incident.

"This is a sad situation. I don't think, given the chance, she would do it again," said Miller. "Unfortunately, you don't get second chances."

Steiner was released on a $5,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on March 7.


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