Teen Saves Diabetic Uncle by Driving to Help

Heather Mathis

MADISON COUNTY Tenn.- A 14-year-old girl is being called a hero, after driving her uncle, who was going into diabetic shock, to get help on Sunday.

Dallas Wilson and her uncle, Danny Rink, were driving down Gurley Creek Road in Lexington, on a deer hunting trip, when the teen noticed he was having medical problems.

"I was terrified, I thought he was going to die or something. I was really scared," said Wilson.

Wilson told her uncle to pull over and let her take the wheel, so she could get them to help, the trouble was she did not know how to get back to the main road.

"I drove around not knowing where I was. Finally, I came upon three wooden crosses I've seen a thousand times before when we've been up there. I followed the crosses, and it led me back to where I needed to go," Wilson said about the scary trip.

First responders meet the car when she pulled onto Highway 70. Officials say what Wilson did saved her uncle's life.

"I'm just thankful to still be here," said Rink about his niece's actions.

Rink saids he is feeling better, and his only regret is not getting his niece her first deer.


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