Teen Who Was Accidentally Shot Claims Cell Phone Saved Her

Emily Cassulo

It has been a week since a Crockett County teenager was accidentally shot by her friend, and on Tuesday she is speaking out about what happened.

Amy Jenkins, 17, told 7 Eyewitness News she is recovering well from her injuries, and was surprisingly calm throughout the whole ordeal.

"I wasn't in too severe pain to begin with, but it could've been worse, so I'm thankful," Jenkins said.

"We were terrified," said her father, Bobby Jenkins. "We couldn't get to Memphis fast enough."

Just last Tuesday, Amy, her twin sister Alison, and two of their friends were hanging out in front of a house on Salem Church Road near Gadsden.

Jenkins said a 12-gauge shotgun was lying on the seat of a pickup truck. Her friend moved it as he was getting inside, and that is when the gun fired.

She said she still has pellets inside her abdomen!

"They couldn't get all of them, there were too many, so they said the tissue will grow around it, so it won't do me any harm," Jenkins said.

Amy said her cell phone was in her left pocket as she was getting into the truck, and credits it with partially shielding her from some of the pellets.

Her biggest shield though, she said, was prayer.

"I guess God was with me, so I'm thankful."

Jenkins said she just has to make another trip to the Med in Memphis to get her stitches removed, and wants to enjoy the rest of her summer.

Investigators said they are still waiting on additional information, before deciding if they will file any charges.

The investigation is ongoing.


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