Teens from Across U.S. in Jackson Working on Homes

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn.--Teenagers from across the country traveled to Jackson to work. Volunteers will spend the week repairing homes for people in need.

“I wanted to you know serve and help the community and just help people and give back,” said Leilyn, a volunteer.

Nearly 400 volunteers will spend the week fixing up homes. Leilyn drove from Tampa, Florida. “I hope to you know not only like fix a house, but you know help people and make them really happy and have something to show for it,” she said.

Group Mission Trips teamed up with the Southwest Human Resource Agency to make the work week possible.

“There's a spiritual component to it and there's a service component as well, and they're really able to grow closer with Jesus through the service of others,” said Justin Brown, camp director.

Crews will work on 55 houses in just one week. “Well, I mean it's fun,” said Ian, a volunteer. “I like building stuff and I like helping people and just feel like I make a difference in the communities."

The homeowners appreciate the service. “He seems really grateful and I think it's just great to see God's work,” said Leilyn.

The work camp runs through the end of the week.

The teenagers pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to cover expenses like travel, food, and supplies.


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