The Number One Summer-Time Injury

Modupe Idowu

Summer is just around the corner and children are out enjoying the sun, but experts said during this time of year they see numerous bike related injuries.

Fractures, broken bones, and head injuries flood the emergency rooms this time of year. While broken bones can heal, head injuries can present long-term problems. Officials said it can all be prevented with the proper gear.

" Well, kids have been in class all year long then finally at summer break they're waiting to get out and have some fun," said Physician Assistant David Roberts.

Health experts said with the summer season comes more children checking into the E.R.

"Often times they'll sprain an ankle or break a bone, and those are thing we often see," said Roberts.

Mother of four, Tiekeyia Davis recalled an accident her son had while riding his bike.

" Something happened to the brake system and he flipped on the bars, and it injured him on the side. That was an ER visit right there," said Davis.

Health experts said protective gear is key to keeping your children safe.

"You want to always make sure your kids are wearing a helmet when they ride their bike, knee pads, elbow pads are also very helpful," said Roberts.

Davis said her son's helmet saved him from traumatic head injury. "There were not any broken ribs. Nothing was broken. No head injury. No nothing , of course that's because he had the helmet on but there was just scratches. That was pretty much it."

Health officials said it is important to keep an eye out for cars if your children are riding in the neighborhood. They said to make sure children are wearing the right size helmet. Also, be sure to check the bike's brakes and tires.


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