The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Comes to Town

JACKSON, Tenn. -- The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile will be in Jackson Thursday, Bells and Alamo on Friday, Dyer and Trenton on Saturday and Newbern and Tiptonville on Sunday.

The event will include fun activities for families and shoppers and will be handing out the Weiner Whistle.

Their schedule is listed below:

Thurs., Jan. 9 12-2pm Food Rite US Highway 64, Somerville

3-5pm Food Rite East Chester, Jackson

Fri., Jan. 10 12-2pm Food Rite 12992 Hwy 79, Bells

3-5pm Food Rite South Bells Street, Alamo

Sat., Jan. 11 10-12pm Food Rite South Main, Dyer

1-3pm Food Rite West Armory Street, Trenton

Sun., Jan 12 10-12pm Food Rite Highway 77, Newbern

1-3pm Food Rite Everett Street, Tiptonville


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