Things Kids Need Before They Head Back To School

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- It is back to school for Jackson-Madison County students next Friday. Administrators said not only should students be prepared for the first day of class, so should their parents.

Some parents said it is a lot to do in a little time, as they make sure their kids are ready for the first day of school.

"The rush, the traffic, people are going to be impatient and ill," said Charla McComic, a parent and retired teacher.

"It's primetime for back to school shopping," said Jonathan Moore, a manager at Target in north Jackson.

But before heading to the stores, officials said make sure your child is registered before the first day back. Make sure they have seen their doctor. Vaccinations are expected to be up-to-date.

Check with their school to find out what those are, including the booster shots required for all students entering the seventh grade. Then comes the shopping.

Uniforms can also vary from school to school, most retailers can help parents to make sure their child is in dress code.

"We have programs that have been pre-approved by the schools where we can have the right items in stock," said Melanie Hurst, a manager St. Parker School Uniforms in north Jackson.

And with only a few days left, retailers caution parents to not procrastinate and get items as soon as possible.

The Jackson-Madison County School District has information on their website. You can go to the Seen on 7 section for the link.


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