Kentavious Crisp


Third Person Indicted, Arrested in Brianfield Drive Murder Investigation

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.- A third person has been arrested after being indicted Monday in Madison County on a charge of first degree murder in last summer's shooting death of Jarvis Vinson.

Kentavious Crisp, 22, who was arrested Monday night, will now be tried on charges of first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault.

He along with Emanuel Beard and Jateryance Smith, who were also indicted this week on the same charges, are suspected in the August 2012 shooting death of Jarvis Vinson.

Investigators believe Smith was behind the wheel of a car and drove by the apartments on Brianfield Drive, while Beard and Crisp opened fire on Vinson and another man.


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