Thousand Acre Lake Open For Business

Erica Williams

HUNTINGDON, Tenn- It has been decades in the making; but now West Tennessee's largest man-made lake is finally open to the public.

It is called the Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreation Lake. It is located in Huntingdon and has more than 22 miles of shoreline, a 2,400-foot-long dam and average depth of more than 20 feet.

County officials said it will be a destination for boating, skiing, fishing, swimming, and exploring nature; but recreational activity is not the only thing the lake will bring to Carroll County.

"We expect it to generate between $4 or $5 million annually; and it's going to become a big part of the tourism industry throughout West Tennessee," said Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley.

Mayor Kelley is also the secretary/treasurer of the Carroll County Watershed Authority, the organization that was formed in 1984, for the purpose of building the lake.

"All of this has been worthwhile," said Kelley. "As we've accomplished something that seldom if ever can be accomplished."


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