Steven Caswell


Three Charged With Metal Theft; Scrap Yards Fighting Crime

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- A Haywood County homeowner said he held three men at gunpoint until deputies arrived, after he caught them stealing scrap metal pieces from his home.

Scrap metal theft is a crime that investigators said is happening more often. On Tuesday, investigators said Steven Caswell and two juveniles were caught stealing pieces from the home on Stanley Road.

According to Haywood County Sheriff Melvin Bond, some of the pieces were recovered at various scrap yards throughout West Tennessee. Local scrap yard employees said due to the increase in thefts, they take extra precautions to help stop scrap metal thieves.

"The law states that if you are suspicious, you have to investigate what's being brought to you," said Linda Long, the office manager at Dudley's Recycling.

According to Long, scrap dealers are required to hold money or checks for five business days in case of theft; but some thieves are still able to slip through the cracks.

"We do a lot here to stop that," said Bobby Long, of Dudley's Recycling. "But I'm sure there are other places where they will take items with no questions."


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