Three Face Charges After Marijuana Bust in Northwest TN

Natalie Potts

OBION COUNTY, Tenn. - Authorities said thousands of dollars of high grade marijuana that was driven to West Tennessee from another part of the country was taken off the streets in a drug bust, Saturday.

Agents with the 27th Judicial Drug Task Force arrested Thomas Eugene Wilson, 62, of Goldendale, Washington, for Possession of Schedule VI Marijuana with intent to sell or distribute. Working off of tips and surveillance, officials said they were able to find Wilson driving with more than 15 pounds of high-grade, hydroponic marijuana from Washington. The type of marijuana confiscated reportedly has some of the highest levels of THC available.

Authorities arrested Wilson during a traffic stop just a few miles from his destination. Deputies then allowed Wilson to follow through with his delivery to Kyle D. Atkins, 29, and Laurie M Dyer, 35, on Ralph Puckett Rd. in South Fulton.

"It's just unbelievable we just made friends with those people really," said neighbor James Hickman.

After the controlled drop off deputies arrested both Atkins and Dyer for possession of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute. Neighbors said they were shocked the drugs were in their neighborhood.

"Never in my life would I have thought that," said Hickman. "Big time operation I'd say."

Officials said both Atkins and Dyer purchased more than four pounds of marijuana from Wilson. Deputies said during their operation several other people showed up to the house looking to buy drugs from the couple.

"I guess they are doing their job. Seemed like ordinary people ordinary neighbors," said neighbor Jerald Stone. "He sold appliances you know I'd see people come and go getting appliances but I had no idea very surprising."

Neighbors said they are proud of their Obion County's Sheriff's Department and Drug Task Force.

"Glad that's it's off the street. That stuff is horrible; destroying your life. Congratulations to them for clamping down on that mess," said Hickman.

Officials said Wilson, Atkins and Dyer have all been charged with felony possession of schedule 6 marijuana with intent to sell or distribute. Deputies said they recovered more than $13,000 in cash on top of the marijuana that is estimated to be worth more than $37,000. Officials said their investigation is ongoing.


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