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Possible Tornado Damage Reported in Obion County

OBION COUNTY, Tenn. -- West Tennessee will know later in the day on Tuesday if it was a tornado that swept through Obion County on Monday, leaving several families homeless.

Downed power lines and piles of debris sit along Brevard road in Obion County.

Residents are still in shock.

"Before it actually hit us we heard the roar. Everybody talks, like a freight train, they're pretty well right," Dean Laird was right in the storm's path.

He said he and his wife did not see it coming.

"A lot of insulation flying around and I got knocked to the floor and of course I was worried about where my wife was," he said.

Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder said just after 5 o'clock on Monday evening, a strong storm pushed through Obion County and moved northeast to the Kentucky line.

Sheriff Vastbinder said at least five houses are damaged.

Nearly 1,100 residents were left without power.

Pete Whitten said the storm took them by surprise too.

"It just happened real quick. We didn't hear the sirens, there really wasn't bad weather like there had been for the last 24 hours," he said.

Whitten said he was outside when the winds picked up. The pressure from the storm kept him from getting back inside.

"Pushed and pushed and about that time the roof went off and the garage caved in on me and the door opened and when I went in my wife was standing there with her little dog in the family room with sheet rock and insulation all over her," Whitten said.

Whitten's wife was the only one injured in the storm. She has been released from the hospital.

A team from the National Weather Service will be in Obion County on Tuesday morning to assess the damage to those homes to see if it was a tornado that caused the damage and if so, how strong it was.

Officials say there is a great deal of water damage reported.

Officials say they are on the lookout for rivers to be rising.


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