Tornado Hits Chester Co.

Caitlyn Jones

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado was the cause of damage in Chester County, Thursday evening.

Residents near the Montezuma area said they had to act quickly when the storm approached because there was never a tornado warning issued, only a severe thunderstorm warning.

Thankfully, no one was injured. However, two homes are believed to be irreparable as the twister ripped away roofs and tore down walls.
At least four other homes had significant damage along with a church. Anita Wade said her family was watching the storm from their porch before realizing how dangerous it was.

"It started hailing, so we went the front porch to watch the hail and the swing started flipping up. So I told Danny we need to get in the bathtub. So we got in the bathtub and all three of us in the bathtub and next thing I know it was over and we came out and all this damage," said Wade.

Emergency Management officials said there was an estimated $500,000 worth of damage done to the area for the homes, barns, and farm equipment.


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