Town Millions in Debt Sets Up Donation Website

Heather Mathis

HENRY, Tenn. - City leaders in Henry said their debt, totally nearly $2 million, is looming over the town.

Henry's money troubles started years ago, while the city was constructing its municipal sewage system. The $2 million debt stems from loans and legal fees.

"You can't do other things because of this monster sitting on top of us," confessed Alderman Roger Graham.

The state raised the town's water rates to help get them out of the red, which caused its mostly elderly citizens to pay enormous water bills.

"I pay from $98 to $100," said resident Geraldene Morgan.

City leaders said people are moving out and new residents aren't moving in. With the threat of bankruptcy looming overhead, the town decided they needed outside help. They set up a website and facebook page asking for donations to save the town.

Graham said his heart breaks for residents and he hopes West Tennesseans will donate anything they can to help.

"Two million dollars is a lot of money but what I need people to realize is any donation help," said Graham.

To help donate money you can go to their website:

or like their facebook page as:!/henrytennessee


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