Train Cars Raised at Discovery Museum

Heather Mathis

OBION CO., Tenn.- The trains are on track at Discovery Park of America. A steam engine and a rail car were raised and lowered Wednesday to their last stop outside the museum's "Depot" attraction.

"We are starting to see the major exhibits arrive and be put into place," said marketing director, Mary Nita Bondurant.

The steam engine and the rail car made their way to Union City all the way from Maine, and were made in Sweden in 1913.

"When they finish in about a month and a half, all of the cars will be repainted," said Jim Rippy, CEO of Discovery Park of America. "The inside of the cars will be where you can go in them and look at them."

Discovery Park of America is still four months away from its opening day and there is plenty to do before doors open on November 1.

"We have a plan!," assured Bondurant. "Each one of us has responsibilities for making sure certain exhibits get into place and into place in time."

Four more train cars are headed to the museum, and will find their home at the park by the end of the week.


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