Storm damage in Brownsville


Trees, Power Lines Downed, Homes Damaged in Brownsville

Cyndi Lundeberg

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - Artavious Prewitt said he was inside his home without power listening to the relentless rain beating against his window until suddenly it stopped. He looked out his front window to see the 100 foot tree in his front yard teetering towards and away from his home.

"I was like 'oh Jesus, no, please! Don't let that tree fall,' and next thing I know 'BOOM' ,it hit that house and pulled another tree down and I was like 'oh God" he said.

The giant tree crashed onto the home of his elderly neighbor across the street, pulling power lines and other trees down with it, trapping Prewitt inside his home. Neighbors along his street began rescuing multiple people trapped in their homes from debris.

"I was trapped in the house and I was like 'Lord what should I do? What should I do? I was like, 'Lord, please just let it stop" he said.

Neighbor Roger Townsend lives next door to the destroyed home and said when he saw the tree collapse the roof of the woman's home he immediately assumed the worst.

"They're saying it was straight line winds, but I have never seen straight line winds just snap trees like that," he said.

The giant toppled over trees took down nearly all the power lines along Bond Street leaving residents without power and working crews in dangerous clean up situations.

"I watched poles up around the square just bend, you could see them moving and stuff flying around," Brownsville resident Vickie Cooper said.

The woman who lives in the home was away from her house when the trees hit and neighbors say she was unaware of the damage. Neighbors said the only thing that matters though is no one was hurt.

"When I looked out the window and I saw that sucker coming up like [that] and it fell and it hit the other side, I got scared I thought I was going to die," Prewitt said.

Southwest Electric said they are currently working to restore power to customers in Haywood and Tipton Counties.


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