Trezevant Police Search for Person Poisoning Animals

Heather Mathis

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn.- Trezevant Police said they are searching for an individual responsible for poising and killing more than 20 animals.

Trezevant Police Chief, David Smith, said they have seen several cases of dogs, and cats ingesting a poison called Temik mixed with cat food. Officers say Temik was once used on cotton farms, but banned because of how dangerous it was.

Officers told WBBJ 7Eyewitness News the case has been ongoing for years, and they have had animals die from the poison in 2006, 2010, and 2012. Just this week, seven dogs have died from the lethal mix.

"I just don't understand somebody that would hate animals that bad," said Phyllis Hesson who had two dogs that died in 2006.

Experts said it only takes minutes to kill the animals, and only one dog has survived, a black lab named, Jake.

"Jake went from being healthy and having a belly to skin and bones in less than 24 hours," said Jake's owner Lori McClain. McClain said their other family dog, Mandy, died from the poison.

Residents worry the deadly poison could harm a child next and want the culprit to be caught. "It was painful for the dogs, I could tell and I wouldn't want any child to have to go through that."

Trezevant Police urge you with information in the case to call (731) 669-4831. The city is offering a $500 reward for information in the case.


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