Troopers Take Proactive Approach to Preventing Traffic Deaths

Joe Sullivan

OBION COUNTY, Tenn. - This year in Obion County eleven people have been killed in traffic accidents. Seven of those killed were not wearing seat belts.

Trooper Henry Robertson has been a State Trooper for ten years. He is busy enforcing the seat belt law.

Trooper Robertson said, "Of those eleven, had seven of those occupants been wearing there seat belts there is a pretty good chance they would have survived the crash."

State Troopers in Obion County are using a federal grant to keep more troopers on the road. They have also worked with TDOT on putting up signs reminding people to drive safely.

Robertson said, "Even though we are making our best effort it seems like that we are losing ground instead of gaining ground it is somewhat frustrating."

So far this year there has been 542 traffic related deaths in our state. Last year at this time there were 505 deaths in the roadways. A difference of 37 more deaths this year so far.

Monday in South Madison County, a young mother was killed in a traffic accident. Authorities say she was not wearing her seat belt. Her two children were belted in properly and they survived.

In the district that Obion County is in, seat belt citations are up 109 percent from 2011 and DUI arrests are up 47 percent.

Robertson said, "It's unusual for what the circumstances that we have going on. We have increased our efforts as far as the hours that we are working. We are working later shifts."


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