Turkey Prices Go Up, How to Bring Your Thanksgiving Costs Down

Brittany Nicholson

JACKSON, Tenn.- Feeding families on Thanksgiving does not mean you have to empty your wallet.

There are ways to save on turkey and all the fixings.

Wendy Trice said she is shopping for the perfect turkey, but not at the expense of the other important sides that make up that perfect holiday meal.

"Thanksgiving is a big time for us even though I have a small family but we look forward to having the traditional meal and putting the turkey on the table."

The manager of the meat department at Food Giant said the price for a turkey increases almost every year. "It's like the price of gas. It keeps going and going and going. I don't know what the ceiling is."

Chandler said the turkeys have gone up about 8 cents per pound since last year, but if you buy a private label turkey you can save up to 30 cents a pound.

Trice said she cannot tell a difference in brands. "It really doesn't matter, you're just paying for the name, as far as the meat, the fat, its not any different."

But Trice said the increase in prices encourages her to do her homework and take advantage of competition among grocery stores.

"Just do some shopping in some other stores and definitely set a budget because you can really go overboard."

Trice also said each family member brings their favorite dish, which she said helps her save money.

Lee Chandler said another great way to shop is to check your grocery store's ad circular where there may be coupons for brands you prefer.

Planning ahead, shopping around and sharing the expense can help you spend less money or add something new to the table this year.

"Since I'm saving here I'll probably put more in desserts," Trice said.

Some grocery stores in Jackson are offering a special on that Thanksgiving staple. If you spend a certain amount of money on other items in the store you can snag a discounted turkey.


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