Two Charged with Nearly Beating Man to Death

Natalie Potts

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Henderson county deputies have arrested two people accused in a brutal beating case that left on man with severe brain damage.

Capt. Tracey Grisham of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News deputies were called around 9:30 p.m. to house in Lexington, Thursday. They said they found the man unconscious on the front porch of his home with a wound to the back of his head. The victim was then flown by helicopter to Vanderbilt Hospital.

"It's very bad, and the thing is the victim can not tell us anything," said Capt. Grisham.

Investigators said two key pieces of evidence found at the crime scene led to the arrest of Samuel A. Moffitt Jr., 40 and Courtney T. Baldwin, 20. Both are charged with aggravated assault.

"We found a baseball cap inside the home, at the crime scene and a pair of keys in the victim's yard that belonged to one of the defendants. Without that we would still be wondering how are we going to solve this crime," said Capt. Grisham.

Family members said the injuries could be permanent. The victim has had more than a dozen staples in his head and at this time can not recognize family members or complete sentences.

"He's got 15 or 18 staples in the top of his head where it looks to me like they hit him with a baseball bat," said one family member. " He didn't know me or my wife or my daughter which my daughter is basically like his daughter."

Deputies said more arrests or charges could follow depending on the victim's condition. Right now the motive behind the brutal beating is unclear.

"There was blood everywhere in the living room, in the floor, on the couch, kitchen and in the laundry room. We don't know if he took a shower or if somebody cleaned him up but which ever it was he was cleaned up before we found him," said Capt. Grisham. " We're waiting to get his side of the story and the charges we have could be enhanced or amended."

Family members said they believe the two suspects were trying to kill their loved one and they are praying he will one day find the words to explain what happened.

"I'm not satisfied with the charge. I think it ought to be a lot worse," said one family member, "I just want to ask everybody to pray for him because basically the doctor said there wasn't anything else they could do for him."

Deputies said Both Samuel Moffit, Jr. and Courtney T. Baldwin are currently out of jail on $25,000 bond.

If you have any information in this case call Henderson County Sheriff's Dept. at (731)-968-7777.


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