Workers in Obion County have received another big blow. Kentucky seed manufacturer Ferry-Morse has closed up shop and sent almost 200 employees packing. The plant in Fulton, Ky., sits just across the boarder from Obion County. Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire estimates at least half of the workers at Ferry-Morse were from West Tennessee. The seed division of the company was recently bought by Massachusetts-based Plantation Productions, which decided the Fulton plant was no longer needed. Mayor McGuire admits the closure hit Union City hard, especially since it comes within a year of Goodyear's closing. "It's just another nail in the coffin, you might say," said McGuire. "But we're holding our heads up. We know something will come along." Ferry-Morse had been in business in Fulton for 53-years. Workers were given a 60-day lump sum payment and were told their health insurance would run out at the end of the month.