Two Men Drive Drive Through, Burglarize Pharmacy

Ben Rainwater

MICHIE, Tenn. - Two West Tennessee men are behind bars, accused of driving through a pharmacy to steal drugs.

"It was completely devastating," said Michie Pharmacy employee, Stephanie Lambert. "The whole front of the building was demolished and bricks were laying everywhere."

Dustin Stricklin and Cody McEwen reportedly drove a stolen car through the front door of the pharmacy. Police said it was all for two bottles of hydrocodone. They are charged with felony counts of burglary and vandalism, among other charges.

"They're just very unthoughtful," said Lambert. "You know, just low down. They don't think about the older people who have to get their medicine on a monthly basis, and then our (employees) jobs that are in danger."

The damage was estimated at around $20,000. And what is most disturbing to some residents is where the suspects were from.

"You would think it would be someone outside of the community," said Lambert. "But knowing it was it was somebody around within the community makes it so much harder. You know, knowing what they're putting their community through."

Michie Mayor David Baker said if there is a bright side in this crime, it is how the community rallied around in support.
"The community and city as a whole, you can't beat them," said Baker. "And they all worked really good together. It's unbelievable how they do work."

The pharmacy was out of commission for a few hours,Thursday morning, but it is now up and running perfectly fine.


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