Two killed in Pickwick boating accident

Jordan Hall

TISHOMINGO, Miss. -- A boating accident on the Mississippi side of Pickwick Lake claims the lives of two West Tennessee men.

Jimmy Sanders said late Saturday night, Pickwick Lake was foggy. He was about to come down to see the weigh-in at a fishing tournament when he got the news.

"We got down here and the EMTs were loading up and asked if we had another pontoon, and we took them over there to the barge where the accident happened," Sanders said.

Hardin County emergency officials said Carey Downs, 39, and Jeremie Floyd, 40, were driving a bass boat through the lake when they hit the barge, throwing them from the boat.

"There were ropes floating in the water like it had broken loose, and I don't know that it had or not," Sanders said. "But the rope's floating like it has broke loose, and I've never seen a barge parked like that, and I travel these waters all the time."

Officials said neither of the men were wearing life jackets and were found hours after the crash.

Wildlife agencies say the water sees a lot more boaters this time of year.

They say wearing a life jacket is imperative, as well as making sure to turn on the lights of your boat if it is dark.


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