Two Dead in Weakley Co. Shooting

Meghan Pinkley

The Deadly shooting in Weakley County claimed another life.

64-year-old Oren Willis of Palmersville was flown to Vanderbilt Hospital Friday morning with gunshot wounds. There, officials said he passed away Saturday afternoon.

Lou Cromwell said she can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to shoot her neighbor.

"It doesn't sound right. He is so helpful, and I don't know why someone would do that," said Cromwell.

But Friday morning, Willis stopped in the 79-hundred block of Palmersville Highway 89 and asked someone to call 911, because he'd been shot in the chest and arm. Witnesses said he also told them he had shot McAlpin.

"Been having some words over some parts or scrap. I'm not sure what it was, but it escalated to that," said Brenda Donoho.

Deputies said McAlpin was found at his lawnmower repair shop. And Willis was flown to Vanderbilt Hospital, where he died Saturday afternoon.

"Surely it could of been resolved some other way," said Donoho.

McAlpin's wife, Sandra, said the two men used to be friends, but a disagreement over farm equipment last fall changed that.

"I wouldn't of expected it from older people, I would of expected them to settle it a different way," said Sherie Crowell.

Crowell said Willis was upset with McAlpin over tiller work that he had charged him for, but was not repaired. Neighbors said the two had been going back and forth for a long time.

"He's just an old feeble man. I think he's just fed up, because he's reported problems and things haven't been taken care of and you reach a point to where you break," added Crowell.

Weakley County Sheriff Michael Wilson said they would continue to investigate the case.


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