U of M Lambuth Makes Significant Strides in 3rd Quarter

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, TN: More than 700 students attend class at the University of Memphis Lambuth campus.

75 students live on campus all under one roof at Carney-Johnston Hall.

Sarah Chandler is a senior. Her parents first kiss was on the steps of the dorm where she now lives.

"I originally went to Lambuth University but I decided to stay throughout the transition of the campus which I am glad I did," Chandler said.

In May of 2011 Lambuth fell victim to dwindling fiscal resources and was forced to close.

By August of the same year civic leaders and government officials reached out to help and the school reopened as the University of Memphis at Lambuth.

"We want it to be a residential campus and we obviously love having our commuter, non-traditional students but we really want to grow the residential population," Beth Ann Simpson Coordinator of Student Services said.

"Right now the school is just getting started but I know that it will do great and it will just grow more and more every year," freshman Ellie Spencer said.

Josh Shaw is freshman from Memphis studying marketing.

"In a bigger campus you feel like you don't really matter," Shaw said. "But you feel like you really matter on this campus. It's a very beautiful campus...especially on sunny days."


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