"Underdog Railway" Helping Overcrowding in Shelter

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn. - Instead of turning away dogs due to overcrowding, one Hardeman County Animal Shelter is still seeking to find them homes; even it means taking them to another state on their own dime. It is known as the "Underdog Railway."

Transport volunteers use their own cars and gas, to drive dozens of dogs to various drop-off locations, some as far as four hours away. There, they meet other drivers and the process continues until the dogs reach their final destinations.

Some of the drop-off locations include stops at cities in the eastern portion of Tennessee, Minnesota and Illinois.

"There's a lot of coordination that goes on to make this work," said Gordon Harris, a volunteer transport driver.

According to Harris, the transports are organized by Gena Moore, a volunteer from Illinois. The volunteers in Hardeman County, said their biggest cost is for fuel and van maintenance. Mostly everything else, including time and crates, are donated.

You can follow the dogs' journey through a Facebook page called "Bark and Ride."


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